Oxfam stewards greeting people with camping gear

Sam Baggette/Oxfam

Medical and access requirements

We strive to make our festivals operation accessible to all

Oxfam is committed to making our opportunities accessible for everyone. You can discuss your access requirements with us in advance or you can detail the specifics within the profile when you sign up.

Before you sign up

Read the role descriptions to see the different type of roles we offer. We work closely with Attitude is Everything whose ethos is that Deaf and disabled people should be as independent as they want to be at live music events. Many festival websites have access information pages, which provide information on facilities such as viewing platforms or accessible campsites. You can find links to the official festival websites on each of our festival pages.

Your profile

You can detail your access requirements on your profile. Telling us your requirements will have no impact on whether we offer you a place but will simply prompt us to get in touch to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Health conditions

When you’re joining us at a festival, it is essential that you inform us of any relevant physical or mental health conditions so that we can best support you to volunteer safely. Please make sure you add this information in your profile after you have signed up.

Access requirements

Oxfam welcomes Deaf and disabled volunteers, and is dedicated to making festival volunteering as accessible as possible. If you have any access requirements, make sure you write this information in your profile when you sign up and we will be in touch to make sure we’ve understood correctly and to ensure we know how to best support you on site.

There are many measures we can take to provide support, such as allocating you to specific accessible roles, providing a closer parking space, or bringing a Personal Assistant (PA) on-site.

Personal Assistants

Oxfam is committed to making festival stewarding accessible to everyone, including volunteers that would be unable to attend or carry out their stewarding duties without the use of a Personal Assistant (PA). The role of your PA at these festivals will include any and all support you require either during your shift or during your free time.

If you are applying to volunteer with Oxfam Festivals Team and think you may need a PA, you must consult the website of the festival you are applying for to assess their own PA policy as Oxfam has to operate within eligibility rules set out by the festival organisers. However, if you do not meet any required criteria, Oxfam may be able to provide support to your request for a PA ticket if you require one.

Please ensure you let us know via the medical and access requirements section of your profile that you think you need a PA, and we will be in touch to discuss the process for the festivals you have applied for.