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Campaigners at Glastonbury

Festival Campaigner

Campaigning at festivals provides some of the best opportunities to reach a huge audience with news of our work. Over the years we've painted people blue, asked festival-goers to write to their MP about the refugee crisis and spoke about the effects that fast fashion has on the environment.

What is campaigning?

Our campaigners take to the festival streets and promote Oxfam’s campaign, and related activities. You will take part in creative activities that engage festival goers in the campaign and act as an ambassador to Oxfam, confidently promoting our work to end poverty.

The action varies from year to year, and you'll find out nearer the time what exactly you'll be doing on-site.

You will need to be confident, outgoing and comfortable speaking clearly, and with knowledge, about the Oxfam campaign.

We're looking for excellent communicators with plenty of energy, who can spread our message around the festivals whilst also having a great time!

You will work four shifts, one shift a day over the festival. Each shift is six hours during the daytime, so you get your evenings off!

We take far fewer campaigners to festivals, so you will need to go through a selection process. Take a read below for details.

What benefits do I get?

In return for the hours you put in helping at the festival, you receive:

  • Secure camping in our very own Oxfam-only campsite.
  • A marquee as a community space in our campsite.
  • Crew only showers and toilets.
  • Free boiling water and tea and coffee supplies.
  • Free phone charging facilities in our campsite
  • A meal ticket for each shift you complete.
  • Knowing that your time helps Oxfam strive towards tackling injustice and poverty.

How to apply

To sign up follow the 'Sign up' button on the website. You need a unique email address to create your account.

Choose your festival(s) from the drop down menu and pay your deposit, then your place is reserved.

Unlike stewarding, as campaigning places are limited we need you to demonstrate how you meet the skills and competencies we need.

  • In no more than 300 words tell us about one of Oxfam’s past or present campaigns and why you like it. At festivals this year our campaign will focus on climate justice – why do you think this is important?
  • Record a 3-minute video of yourself: tell us a bit about yourself, including why you think you’d make a good campaigner, and tell us about something (anything!) that you’re passionate about – try and make us love it as much as you!

Upload your video as an unlisted file to YouTube and paste the URL into the box provided in your profile. If you have any problems with this, please email us.

These places are not first come, first served, we review every application and accept the most suitable.

To be considered for a campaigner place at Glastonbury you will be required to sign up to campaign at a second festival. If you cancel your second festival after Glastonbury, you will lose half of your deposit (unless you have a valid reason and you can provide evidence, in which case a £20 admin fee will apply instead).

You will then need to fill your basic information on your profile, such as your name, date of birth and mobile number and inform us of any unspent criminal convictions.

Before your place is confirmed, you need to complete your profile:

  • Upload a passport style photo for your ID card.
  • Give details of a referee who can give you a reference.

This needs to be done before the six week cancellation deadline prior to the festival, otherwise you risk forfeiting your deposit and losing your place at the festival.

We often receive a high volume of applications for festival campaigners, so please apply early. As part of the selection process, we may also contact applicants by phone to discuss their application in more detail.

Become A Campaigning Superstar

Exciting News! We are introducing a new Campaigning Superstar system for our Festival Campaigners. We will be giving our top Campaigners in 2022 our Campaigning Superstar status, with 50 spaces up for grabs.

Only those who get above and beyond the campaigning targets set for each festival will make it to be an Oxfam Festivals Superstar!

This means that when applications open for Campaigning in 2023, the 2022 Superstar applications will go to the top of our list for selection for your chosen festivals.

In addition, the top campaigner of each festival in 2022 will win some goodies, including an Oxfam festival hoody.

Some festivals will still have limited capacity, so if all our 2022 Superstars want the same festival in 2023, you will still be picked on the strength of your application.

Let’s get our wellies on and get this season started!

How does this help Oxfam?

Every year Oxfam Festivals raises awareness and asks festival goers to take actions towards fighting injustice and poverty.

Every volunteer who gives their time to support Oxfam Festivals is making change not just for one weekend at a festival, but for life. Because every shift our volunteers do helps people all over the world to live their lives free from poverty.

In 2021, despite being at fewer festivals than normal, our incredible campaigners signed up over 10,500 individuals to our Climate Crisis petition.

Last year at a glance

  • Over 22.2 million people reached directly in 97 countries. 55% are women and girls.
  • 800,000 people globally took online campaign actions.
  • Nearly 9 million people supported in 31 humanitarian emergencies.
  • Oxfam worked with 3,515 partner organisations.
  • 1.13 million people made a regular donation to Oxfam.

Check out some of Oxfam's work.