We strive to make festival volunteering accessible to all

Oxfam is committed to ensuring our festival volunteering is as accessible as possible for disabled people. We work closely with Attitude is Everything, whose ethos is that deaf and disabled people should be as independent as they want at live music events.

You can either contact us to discuss your access requirements before you apply, or you can detail the specifics on your profile when you sign up and we will be in touch to discuss.

Before you sign up

  • Take a look at the role descriptions for the different types of volunteering we do at festivals.
  • Check out the festival's own access information pages for details of the accessible facilities they offer.
  • Feel free to contact us for an informal discussion of your access requirements before you apply.

When You Sign Up

When you sign up, you can detail your access requirements in the "Accessibility" section of your profile. Telling us about your requirements will not have an impact on whether you are able to volunteer with us. It will simply prompt us to get in touch to discuss what we can do to help.

Please be aware that in general, the earlier you provide this information, the better we are able to support you. Practical constraints mean it is very difficult for us to offer support based on information provided in the three weeks leading up to a festival, so please bear this in mind if you are applying close to the onsite dates.

Accessible Facilities Offered by the Festival

All the festivals we work with offer facilities for disabled people, such as accessible viewing platforms, toilets, and camping areas.

To make use of these facilities, you should apply directly with the festival's access team. We are unable to get access to these facilities for you.

Please note that the exact facilities on offer, the application process, and the qualifying criteria can vary from festival to festival. Some festivals will ask for evidence as part of the application, to ensure the facilities are not abused.

If you do apply to the festival to use their accessible facilities, please also let us know about this in the "Accessibility" section of your profile. This helps us ensure that your shifts are located close to the appropriate facilities.

Bringing a Personal Assistant

Most of the festivals we work with offer PA passes at no extra cost. The role of your PA at a festival is to provide any support you require both during your shift and during your free time.

You need to apply directly to the festival's access team for a PA pass, as we don't normally have access to these passes. The festival may ask for evidence to support your application for a PA pass.

If you are applying for a PA pass, it's important you also let us know. This helps us make the necessary arrangements for your PA to stay with us on-site, and for them to join our training session.

Health Conditions and Medication

If you want to notify us of a health condition (including pregnancy) or that you are taking medication, you can do so in the "Medical Details" section of the application form. We will keep this information on file while you are volunteering with us this summer.