Volunteering with Oxfam at festivals is extremely popular, and places can get snapped up in moments. Avoid the application day stress by getting Priority.

How does Priority Work?

Every year we open our stewarding places to volunteers with Priority first, a few days before we open them to everyone else. This gives you a chance to log in and grab a place at our most popular events first.

How do I get Priority?

Getting Priority is easy! If you want to have Priority access when we open our applications, you need to have either:

  • Volunteered at two or more qualifying festivals last year (at least one of which must be as a stewarding volunteer).
  • Volunteered at a total of seven or more qualifying festivals across the last seven years.

This means, to get Priority for 2025, you will need to have volunteered at least twice in 2024 (once stewarding), or at least 7 times in total between 2018 and 2024.

Priority FAQS:

Every autumn after the festival season we calculate who has Priority for next year's applications using the criteria above.

If you qualify, we'll email you with the good news just before Christmas.

Sorry, if you have to cancel your festival place for whatever reason, it will not be counted when we calculate Priority.

Stewarding places are filled on a first-come-first-served basis, which is why it's really important to get in early to secure your place.

Unlike stewarding, all festival shop and campaign applications are considered with the best candidates being offered a spot. These selection processes means there is not the same pressure to grab a place early.

Priority helps us offer the best possible stewarding service by ensuring the experienced volunteers whose skills we rely on have the opportunity to come back each year.

It also helps us more effectively raise funds for Oxfam's work, because every volunteer who returns for another summer helps to reduce our training and recruitment costs.

All our multi-day festivals count towards the Priority criteria.

Volunteering at the one-day Lytham events does not count towards Priority, however volunteering for the five-day option at Lytham does.