Campervans and Caravans

Can I bring my Campervan or Caravan?

Yes! While most volunteers bring a tent to camp in, we do our best to accommodate those who want to bring their campervan or caravan to a festival.

There are two conditions to bringing your van to a festival with us:

  1. You need to tell us on your application.
  2. It must meet our standards for genuine live-in vehicles.

How to Tell Us You're Bringing a Van:

You can let us know you're bringing a campervan or caravan on your profile after you have signed up to volunteer. Please go to the festival page and answer the 'transport' question as soon as possible.

You will need to add this information before your profile closes, 6 weeks before the festival date (8 for Glastonbury). If you do not tell us beforehand, your van will likely be turned away at the festival gates.

Our campsites have limited space which may mean we have to cap the number of people bringing a van to the festival. If capacity is reached, we will remove the option from your profile. If you don't see the campervan and caravan options in the transport question, this means we have reached our capacity and you'll need to bring a tent to camp in.

Checking Your Van Meets Our Standards:

Your campervan or caravan needs to meet certain standards to be used in our campsite. To qualify, it must either have been purpose-built as a live-in vehicle or have clearly and genuinely been converted into one. At a minimum, it must contain both fitted sleeping facilities and fitted cooking and/or washing facilities. If you arrive with a vehicle we don't think meets the standard, you'll have to leave it in the car park and use a tent instead.

Please note: No vehicle which has converted from a passenger car will be considered a campervan. This includes passenger cars with roof-top tents.

Genuine factory-built trailer tents will be considered as caravans.

How you'll be Parked:

As you arrive, your van will be directed into your parking space. To make sure everyone fits safely into our campsite, vans are parked in rows in the order they arrive.

We'll ensure there's enough space between the vehicles to safely access your doors and to ensure nobody's vehicle gets blocked in, but it's very unlikely there'll be enough room for you to use an awning so please plan your setup accordingly.

Pitching of tents around vans is strictly forbidden on fire safety grounds.

Once your van has been sited it must remain static until you are leaving the festival.

Caravaners will need to take their tow car out to the car park once they've unhitched.

Camping with Friends:

If you want to camp with your friends who are also using a van, please try to arrive at the same time so we can easily put your vans together. (Driving in convoy is fun!)

If some of your friends are using a tent then unfortunately you will not be able to camp together with them. Fire safety precautions mean tents and vans are strictly separated into different parts of the campsite.

Glastonbury Pitch Fee:

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we're introducing a £35 pitch fee for each campervan and caravan brought into our campsite at Glastonbury Festival.

These pitch fees will directly fund free travel on the busses we arrange between Bristol and Glastonbury, to support those choosing an eco-friendly form of travel.

If the fee applies to you, it will automatically be deducted from your deposit upon its return.

At every other festival, there will be no charge for bringing your campervan or caravan.


Apologies, but we do not provide power to anyone's tent or van, outside of very specific medical circumstances. But remember free phone charging sockets and boiling water are always on offer in our campsite marquee.

Please don't run a generator or your engine in our campsite to charge your batteries, as this is extremely disruptive to those camped around you.